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Monday, February 27, 2017

Strength In Weakness

20 February 2017

Bench press 285x5, 305x4, 315x3, 325x2, 335x1, 345x1, 365x1

Some pounds lost, but not bad for having trained once in the past five weeks. My coordination sucks and the movement feels awkward, but the bar is still going up. If I can keep my lifts at this level (90-95% of usual weight) with minimal training, I'll be pretty happy. Although it would be nice to make some progress sometime.

Close-grip bench press 2s x 5

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5, then 10 reps close grip

Standing BTN press 135x5, 155x4, 165x3, 170x2

DB preacher curl + EZ bar preacher curl x 4 supersets

Seated DB curl 10-8-6-5

Cable pushdowns x 3 sets

21 February 2017

Pull 365x5, 405x4, 425x3, 445x2, 455x1, 465x1, 475x1

Not much strength lost on the pull. This is encouraging.

Stiff-legged deadlift 2s x 5

Bent-over row 3s x 5

Front squat 3s x 5

I wanted to add some extra squatting on deadlift day, but my hips and back usually feel too beat up to squat. So I decided on front squats because I suck so bad at front squats that the minimal weight I use won't affect me too much. So really my front squat weakness turns out to be a strength. Kinda.

Wide stance leg press x 3 sets

23 February 2017

SlingShot bench press 335x5, 345x3, 355x3, 365x2, 385x1

Seated cable row 10-8-6-5-10

Incline bench press 8-5-5-4-3-2-1

No strength lost on the incline press. Not that there was much strength to lose, but the bar even felt lighter than usual.

Barbell curl 10-8-6-5-5, cheat curl last set

DB pullovers 4s x 10 - did these for triceps because I'm experiencing a bit of elbow irritation and pressing really hurts. They felt okay.

Incline bench DB curl 12 x 10, 3s x 8

24 February 2017

Squat 365x5, 385x4, 405x4, 415x3, 425x2, 435x1, 315 x 2s x 5

Front squat 3s x 5

Leg press, close stance 3s x 20

Hack squat 3s x 10

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