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Monday, June 12, 2017

Diclofenac Blues

Looking for a solution to my tennis elbow woes, I got a couple tubes of Diclofenac gel over eBay. Diclofenac is a NSAID and is also sold under the names Voltaren and Jonac. I was not able to find any in the pharmacies around me, or on Amazon. At first I thought it was banned or restricted (prescription only) in the US, but could not find anything about it on teh Interwebz, so I guess... we just don't have it here?

Anyway this stuff is magic - two applications and my left elbow feels significantly better. I'm considering buying a few hundred gallons and soaking myself in a tub of Diclofenac after every workout.

5 June 2017

Bench press 275x5, 300x5, 310x5, 315x5, 325x5, 330x4

Barbell extensions 3s x 8

Pullups 5x5

Standing BTN press 135x5, 145x5, 155x5, 165x4

Barbell curl 5s x 5-8, then 2 sets of cheat curls

Overhead cable extensions 4s x 8-12

DB preacher curl 4s x 6

6 June 2017

Deadlift 405x5, 415x4, 435x3, 445x2, 465x1, 485x1

Stiff-legged DL 2s x 5

Bent-over row 3s x 5

Squat, light 3s x 5

8 June 2017

SlingShot bench press 325x5, 335x4, 350x3, 360x2, 370x2, 375x1

Smith machine bent-over row 4s x 10

Barbell tricep extensions 3s x 8

Seated cable row 2s x 8

Incline bench press 10-5-5-5-4-3

Reverse curl 4s x 6

Preacher curl machine x 4 drop sets

9 June 2017

Squat 325x5, 375x5, 395x5, 405x5, 415x5, 425x5, 445x3, 455x3, 405x3

Leg press x 16, x 15, x 18 (trying to get 20 reps each set)

Hack squat 3s x 12

11 June 2017

Bench press 325x5, 305x5, 290 3s x 5

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5-5

Barbell extension 3s x 8-10

Seated BTN press 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 175x5, 185x5

Barbell curl 5x5, then some cheat curls

Preacher DB curl 4s x 6

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