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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Belt Revelations

28 August 2017

Deadlift 445x3, 450x3, 435x3, 425x3, 405x3

Sumo DL 2s x 4

Bent-over row 2s x 5

Squat 3s x 5

30 August 2017

SlingShot bench press 340x7, 325x7, 325x5

T-bar rows 12-10-8-6-5

Close-grip bench press 2s x 8

Barbell curl 1s x 8, 3s x 6

Standing front press 145x5, 165x5 - felt very easy

Incline bench press 2s x 5 - did not feel easy

Preacher BB curl 3s x 8

Overhead extensions 3s x 12

1 September 2017

I was pretty sick today so didn't lift. Symptoms came out of nowhere - tiredness, muscle and joint aches and chills - and departed just as quickly. I was feeling 100% by next morning.

3 September 2017

Bench press 340 2s x 4, 320 2s x 4

Paused bench press 280x2, 290x2, 300x2

Pulldowns 10-8-6-5

Close-grip bench press 3s x 8

Barbell curl 4s x 10

Preacher curl machine 3s x 8

Pushdowns 3s x 12

4 September 2017

Squat 405x3 425x3, 445x3, 475x3, 445x3

My gym got one of those newfangled powerlifting belts all the cool kids use these days. I tried it out (used it for the 405 set and the second 445 set) and holy crap does it make a difference. It's like bracing your midsection against a wall. I finally understand why some claim that using a belt weakens your core. Nice enough, but I think I'll stick to my cheap made in Pakistan belt.

Paused squat 315x5, 340x4, 370x4

Deadlift 415x4, 435x4

Bent-over row 2s x 5

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