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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New 5/3/1 Program - Week 6, Day 2

15 February 2011

Back squat:

Warmup 4 sets
305 lbs. x 5
345 lbs. x 3
385 lbs. x 6

Squat strength is still far from where it should be, but getting better. Upped daily calorie intake a bit and it seems to help.

Super-deep, high-bar, close-stance squats:

235 lbs. x 3
245 lbs. x 2
255 lbs. x 1

Movement feels a bit awkward, but I feel these have better carryover to the powerlifting squat than half-squats with heavy weight. Maybe I should do both.

Leg press:

Warmup 1 set
5 plates x 6
6 plates x 5
6 plates +25s x 5

Cybex back extension machine 3 sets (very close to good-mornings and my low back doesn't feel as beat up afterwards)

Take-home points:

1. Eat more
2. Try doing very deep close-stance squats also in the 5/3/1 format after PL squats

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