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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New 5/3/1 Program - Week 6, Day 3

17 February 2011


Warmup 2 sets
150 lbs. x 5
170 lbs. x 3
190 lbs. x 6

The presses stalled horribly as soon as the triceps were supposed to take over and I struggled to hold the bar above my head at lockout. It's almost like I've never pressed this much weight above my head, and the triceps were simply not responding. My pressing problem is now the opposite of what it used to be - the bar flies up from chest to eye level, but gets stuck beyond that point.

So I supplemented this with:

Presses from rack to eye level - worked up to a few doubles with 205 lbs.

Presses from sticking point to lockout (hard as hell):

135 lbs. x 2
155 lbs. x 2
185 lbs. x 1
195 lbs. x fail

Close-grip bench presses with extended pause at bottom:

185 lbs. x 2
225 lbs. x 2
245 lbs. x 2
275 lbs. x 1

Incline bench DB curls 6 sets

Tricep pushdowns 2 sets (fairly cooked by now)

Situps on inclined ab board 2 sets

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