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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Press Session

2 August 2011

Tired and out of shape, back hurt like hell. Had a shitty workout which I am hoping to forget.

Overhead press from rack:

Warmup 2 sets

175 lbs. x 3

195 lbs. x 3

215 lbs.x fail

165 lbs. x 2 sets x 2

175 lbs. x 1 set x 2

I seem to be getting weaker with every overhead press workout, will try de-loading a bit. Last week it felt like I was back on track - apparently not. Lots of back pain on this movement.

Seated overhead press behind neck: 115 lbs. x 3, 135 lbs. x 2, 155 lbs. x 2, 175 lbs. x fail. Weak in this lift too.

Pullups/chinups 5x5

Bent-over row 135 lbs. x 5, 185 lbs. x 5 , 205 lbs. x 5 - got a mysterious burning feeling in my right trap so I quit here. I've had that problem before, I think I have really bad posture while typing on a computer and my trap muscle gets tweaked.

Bottom-position bench press in power rack:

135 lbs. x 3

225 lbs. x 2

255 lbs. x 1

275 lbs. x 1

300 lbs. x fail

After hitting 280 lbs. x 2 last week I was hoping for 300, but this movement is extremely hard and I should have been more conservative with the poundage.

Incline bench DB curls 4 sets

Dips 2 sets x 10

Incline ab board situps 3 x 12

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