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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Upper Body Volume Day

16 April 2013

Bench press - warmup to 275x2 (long pause), then 300 lbs. x 2 sets x 5, 1 set x 4

Gym was hot and humid as hell, my hands slipped wide on the last set despite heavy use of chalk. Not too bothered since I got 3x5 last week and it felt relatively easy, but it would have been nice to hit all reps this week too. First two sets were nice and explosive.

Overall the session was on the weaksauce side, but not devastatingly so.

Seated pulley rows 4 sets x 6-10

Standing military press 160 lbs. x 3 sets x 5 - still super easy

Parallel grip pullups 4 sets x 5, chinups 1 x 5

Dips bodyweight 3 sets x 12

Seated DB curls 4 sets x 8

Pushdowns 3 sets x 12

Bodyweight today - an even 210 lbs.

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