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Monday, May 19, 2014

Seventies - Week One

19 May 2014

Speed squat 280 lbs. x 2s x 5, 350 lbs. x 2s x 5, hi-bar 315x5

This felt a lot better than last week. Did the four sets in slightly over 10 minutes. Felt good, so did an extra high-bar set with 315, close stance and very upright. Will keep the weight the same for another 3-4 weeks, then bump up the speed day to 80%.

Hack squat 3s x 10

Incline bench weighted situps x8, x7, x6, x5 - really felt the abs working on these

Leg extension 3s x 10

Leg curl 3s x 10

Standing calf raise 3s x 12

Hope I don't get as sore as I did last time. Heavy(ish) squats on Thursday.

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