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Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Pulling

19 June 2014

Did rack pulls from mid-shin today, will do heavy squats on Saturday. Program is all messed up, plus I found out that I'm traveling for work for 2 weeks starting Tuesday. So I'll just bust my ass and overtrain a bit because I'll have ample time to recover.

Deadlift from mid-shin 135x6, 225x3, 315x2, 385x1, 415x1, 440x1, 465x1, 485x1, 505x1

A surprising 30-lb. PR in the mid-shin pull, which also happens to be my weakest rack pull position. Last time I did this program I maxed out at 475 and hit a 510 deadlift off the floor, so big plans here.

Smith machine bent-over row 4s x 5, increasing weight every set

Smith machine front squat 4s x 5 - still very light, trying to find the right way to do these. Good quad pump again.

Pulldowns x10, x8, x6, pyramiding up in weight

Weighted ab board situps 3s x 8

Hanging leg raise 3s x 8

Paused shrugs 2 sets

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