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Friday, August 8, 2014

Playing Around With Assistance Exercises

6 August 2014

Quick workout in gym in office building:

Standing BTN press supersetted with combo shoulder raises 3 sets (135 x 6, 155 x 2 x 6)

EZ bar curl + seated DB curl 3 sets - this is one hell of a superset.

Chest machine + pushdowns 3s

8 August 2014

Decided to add some incline bench presses to my heavy bench press days, since I suck at this lift and am beginning to suspect it's holding my flat bench press back. Also will start rotating a second assistance exercise to work on different muscle groups each week. E.g. this week it was triceps, so heavy DB extensions. I'll still do tricep work in weeks when I'm focusing on chest and shoulders, but much lighter, and I won't track weight or reps.

Another thing I've figured out is that when I complete all three planned bench press waves I no longer have the energy to do a wave with the SlingShot. So starting next week I'll only do two waves "raw", then add one with the Slanger.

Bench press:

320x3/335x2/365x1 - pretty stoked I made this. Almost 95% territory.

Incline bench press 185 lbs. 5x5 - I thought about doing 225, but was glad I didn't.

Some kind of machine row 4 sets of 8-10, pyramiding up in weight

DB tricep extensions 50s x 10, 55s x 2s x 8

Machine preacher curls supersetted w. concentration curls - 3 sets.

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