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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Permission To Increase the Planned Percent

5 May 2015

Bench press 335 lbs. x 5 singles, SlingShot (O) 365 lbs. x 2

Singles went better than 330 last week, but still not as explosive as I'd like them to.

Seated cable row 30 total reps, heavy - really struggled with these today.

Seated DB press 4s x 6 (65s)

Hammer curl 50 total reps (about 30 with FatGripz)

Tricep pushdown (rope) 50 total reps

Shoulders feel beat up and I'm starting to get twinges in (what I think is) my right rotator cuff. Overall this is too much pressing weekly volume. Will have to make some changes, maybe alternate bench and overhead press on the medium (5 sets of 3) day. Skipped dips today to give the shoulders a chance to recover.


MichiganMethod said...

Bump that percentage up!

Do you do any stretching or mobility work specifically for you shoulders? My right shoulder is jacked up too, so I switched to a closer grip on bench, but I don't know if my stretches are actually do any good or not. Just seeing if anything has been working for you.

Unknown said...

There are some good yoga poses that will help the shoulders. Extended arm Side planks, I think? Pigeon pose might help that hip too. Warriors 1,2&3 for shoulders as well. Just google yoga and powerlifting.

Fatman said...

I haven't found stretching and mobility to be particularly useful for shoulder pain. What I do like are high-rep cable movements like front pulls (band pullaparts), dislocations, etc. They seem to help. But I should probably stretch more too.

I suspect my current pain has more to do with years of heavy low-bar squatting (terrible for the shoulders) than with benching. I can't even get into a comfortable LB position at all anymore. So if you squat with the bar very low on your back, that could be the source of your shoulder pain.

Jaysun, I'll check those links out. I have been doing some hip and lower body mobility exercises (wall squats, lunges, hip raises) and my hip injury is way better.

Unknown said...

Most of the yoga stuff for shoulders are not stretches, but static holds that seem to help with blood flow and the strengthening of micro muscle/tendons, etc. Anyway, the tissues deep inside the ball and socket. I don't do much mobility work either,however, I am incorporating a yoga day into my weekly schedule to keep the flexibility I have.
I too, have used cables with micro movements to rehab shoulder stuff and they worked. I have also put an empty 2 liter plastic bottle in my armpit and squeezed up and down on it and found that to be beneficial. A PT I was friends with taught me that.

Unknown said...

2L bottle with the cap on...

Anonymous said...

I like this reference.

I do 10 shoulder dislocates with a stick everytime I do any kind of pressing. 3x a week I do 10 BTN band pull aparts, and then I do a stretch where I get a resistance band and put it behind my back as one static stretch pushing my chest out and my pecs. It may do absolutely nothing for pain. But at least my shoulder mobility is OK.

Off the low bar squat train as I think it's way too dangerous of an exercise and as far as risk to reward it's not really a sound training investment. I do like doing them light (same weight as my high bars) to help hip activation, though.

Fatman said...

I do band pullaparts for 4-7 sets of 15-20 reps pretty much every time I'm in the gym. I just don't log them. Also do them at home (along with chest expander exercises).