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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pressing Woes, Soreness

18 May 2015

Bench press 275 x 5, 285 x 4, x 5

Bench press seems to be taking a nosedive. I miscounted on the first set with 285, but even that weight felt heavy. Shoulders and upper back (lats) are really sore. I've decided to start alternating DB presses and lighter shoulder presses week to week. Also alternate pulldowns and pullups.

Standing front press 175 lbs. 3x3 - this wasn't that hard

Pullups 30 total reps - took it easy because I have to press heavy Wednesday and Thursday (bench/OH).

Lateral raises 50 total reps


Unknown said...

Take some fish oil and vitamin I, you'll be ok.

Fatman said...

I'm already taking fish oil and the soreness isn't bad enough to require vitamin I (which I almost never use anyway). More like a nagging pain in my acromion on both sides. It might have something to do with the overhead work I've been doing lately, I read somewhere that OH pressing can cause a bit of impingement.