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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


My most recent bench press workouts were 305 x 3 sets x 6 and 310 x 3s x 5. Sticking with sets of five for the next 2 weeks.

Squatted 445x3 and deadlifted 445x3, then 465-475-485 for singles. I haven't hit 485 for a (fatigued) single in some time. Squats are okay but they beat the hell out of my shoulders, especially when I get silly with bar positioning. On any given heavy squat day, the weight I lift is dictated more by how my shoulders feel under the bar than how beat up my legs/hips are. Also getting some good work in on paused squats. One of these days I may just be stupid enough to try 315x20.

Did 3s x 6 with 180 lbs. in the behind the neck press (seated) and 3s x 5 with 170 lbs. standing, and now my traps hurt. Good times. With the BTN press, I have this weird issue where moderate weights keep getting lighter, but heavy weights stay heavy. E.g. sometimes I feel like I can press 165 lbs. 10 times with strength to spare, but when I do 175x3 my eyes almost pop out with strain. Kind of like with inclines, except my incline press weights are so pathetic I'm embarrassed to log them.

I'm doing all kinds of weird rows and loving them. John Meadows is a genius and everything he writes is gold. I'll probably hurt myself doing Mountain Dog exercises and blame John Meadows for ending my lifting career.

Hope everyone (anyone?) is healthy and happy and lifting, or at least just happy.