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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Been traveling quite a bit lately. Training is sporadic. No PRs to report, just a series of solid workouts. Schedule looks hectic so lifting will probably be uneventful for a while.

Started going to a new gym in the neighborhood (same chain, different location). It has awesome old-school plate-loaded machines (HammerStrength) which I'm using for assistance work. My favorite ones are the seated dip, isolateral row and incline/shoulder press. Usually I do one big rest-pause set with a challenging weight for anywhere between 20 and 30 reps. It's fun and adds a lot of extra work for the muscles without adding much time to the workout. One set, 60-90 seconds, and that's it.

Training lifts:

Standing overhead press - 185x7, 205x2.

I seem to be stuck on these numbers - repeated almost the exact set/rep scheme three workouts in a row, except one time I did 205x3.

Bench press - 345x7, 365x2, 370x1

Close-grip bench press - 305x5, 325x3

Squat - 425x5, 455x3, 475x2

Deadlift - 445x2, 465x2, 475x1

No progress, but at least I'm consistent?