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Monday, June 22, 2020

Gyms Are Reopening

I'm staying home.

My exercise routine is going well. Mostly lifting myself and stretching bands, with some isometrics. Weight has stabilized at around 205 lbs. and I am noticeably leaner than before.

I have exactly zero desire to return to the gym. As much as I love barbells, I also love not having to deal with hordes of people getting in each other's way, hogging or stealing benches, racks and machines, or the perennial "how many sets you got left brah" while flexing imaginary lats. Sweat dripping on you as they spot you during a crucial set. Now I get 60-90 minutes of extra sleep, do some light exercises and stretches while drinking my first cup of coffee, then work out in the fresh air  for an hour and am at my desk by 9AM.

The COVID-19 situation also freaks me out. Daily cases in my area have been on the decline, but nowhere near enough to warrant reopening. Gym management is being smart and only allowing 30% capacity at any one time (yes, they are actually enforcing this), but it doesn't look like they're getting even that many visitors. People here are acting responsibly overall - wearing masks and social distancing for the most part. But I can just see some backward-hat-wearing college douchebag flouting the rules simply to be cool and edgy, or the gym staff slacking on sanitizing everything. So I'm staying away for now.

At some point, I'll probably go back to the gym to see how I fare on the main barbell lifts. I'm expecting some decline, not too dramatic. The plan is to lift a couple times per week and continue with bodyweight and bands on other days. Then again, if it turns out I've dropped 50-100 lbs. on each lift, my inner meathead will probably rebel.