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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Zombie Apocalypse Update

Hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Wouldn't want to catch the viral cold of the zombie apocalypse with something like a 98.5% survival rate.

I lost close to 15 lbs. on a recent work trip. Strength hasn't exactly plummeted, but there is a noticeable dip. I've probably lost 20-30 lbs. off my top working sets on all lifts.

Wife thinks this is funny and has started calling me "anorexic bitch". Affectionately, no doubt.

All gyms in my area are closed and who knows when they'll open again. Before they closed, I posted the following weak lifts:

Bench press 315x6, 335x2

Squat 405x5, 425x3, 445x3

Standing overhead press 170 lbs. x 2s x 5

Deadlift 405x5, 445x2