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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Fat Barstarzz

I've gotten into a great new exercise routine while gyms are closed for teh Covids. Working on a push-pull-legs split. Dropped a couple of pounds of flab while keeping most (almost all?) the muscle and am at the closest I've been to visible abs since like 2001. My joints never hurt, bloat and nagging pains are gone, even my sleep is much better. Now that I'm at home all the time, diet has been pretty on point too.

Self-isolation is no big deal for me. I've been practicing it for close on 40 years, so you could say I was well prepared for this crisis.

With the exception of that one week in March, I haven't worked out with weights since mid-February. Three months with no weights, and I haven't felt better in a long time.

Maybe I should learn a lesson and stop lifting weights. But all I can think about is losing strength on the big lifts. Can I maintain deadlift numbers doing light kettlebell swings? How many banded pushups equal a 405 lb. bench press? So as soon as the gyms reopen I'll do my best to get back under the bar. Back to being fat, tired and hurt.

But that's not happening for a while.