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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Singles Club

Small but consistent increases across the board, which is encouraging. I doubt I'll be able to sustain this for many more cycles, but am happy where my strength levels are at right now. I have not been this strong across all lifts since 2014 or so, and I (probably) tied my best deadlift with a lift of 535 lbs.

Overhead press is still lagging. Not sure if it's because of overwork, or what. It may be time to reduce the close-grip bench press weights.

Decent increase on the front squat as well, which is not bad, given I don't actually train the lift (except isometrically) and only do a handful of reps on singles day.

Squat: 410 lbs. x 5, 490 lbs. x 3, 525 lbs. x 1

Front squat: 300 lbs. x 1, 320 lbs. x 1

Bench press: 330 lbs. x 8, 340 lbs. x 5, 370 lbs. x 1, 390 lbs. x 1

Close-grip bench press: 325 lbs. x 4, 335 lbs. x 1, 355 lbs. x 1

Deadlift: 470 lbs. x 3, 490 lbs. x 2, 515 lbs. x 1, 535 lbs. x 1

Standing overhead press: 185 lbs. x 7, 205 lbs. x 3, 225 lbs. x 1

Went after 400 lbs. in the bench press again and failed. Also failed with 395 lbs. But I got 390, which is more than last time, so that's a win.

Recovery-wise, nothing to complain about. Shoulders are feeling fine, and my elbow/wrist pain had disappeared, but there is a touch of pain in my right knee. Looks like John Broz was right about his "floating pain" theory:

"Your body has to hurt somewhere. It will simply migrate from one place to the next while you sleep, and when you awaken you'll discover where it landed."