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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Take On Bodybuilding

I might have stumbled on the perfect training program for my present condition, and it's... BODYBUILDING TRAINING. I did a brief high-rep, light weight, full-body workout yesterday, and I'm feeling it today. I might stick with it until fully healed.

Bench press: 100 kgs x 30 reps (broken down into several sets with a brief rest in between)

Bent-over row: 70 kgs x 40 reps (very light on these because anything even moderately heavy sets off tendinitis like a flare, varied grips to hit different muscles)

Squat: 110 kgs x 20 reps total (barely managed this - have been hitting the lower body with partials and isometrics three days in a row prior to this)

Overhead press: 60 kgs x 28 reps (miscounted actually, was going for 30, alternated between front and behind-the-neck press)

Bicep curls: 27.5 kgs x 30 reps (EZ bar, again very light to keep the elbow pain-free)

So not a whole lot of joint stress, but got a decent workout. Will try to do this 3 x per week, increasing reps rather than weight. After all the time I've spent bashing bodybuilding-type routines, they may prove to be the answer in these trying times

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