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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bodybuilding With the TNT Cable System

7 March 2010

Had a great workout today using the TNT cables and door attachment. I set the attachment to three different positions and did a bunch of exercises from each position, working in the 10-12 repetition range and getting a great "pump". Resistances varied - basically I stuck with whatever felt moderately heavy for each exercise (as this was a sort of 'active recovery').

The exercises performed were as follows (1 light and 2 moderate sets):

Straight-arm lat pulldowns
Tricep pushdowns
Kneeling cable crunches
Mid-height cable crossovers
Cable twists
Horizontal rows
Bicep curls from low cable position
Cable-resisted crunches
Up-right rows
Bicep curls
Lateral raises (1 set only)

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