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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upper Body ID - Weak

27 April 2013

Bench press warmup to 275x2 (long pause), 305x3, 345x1 (failed a second)

This was disappointing, especially since the weight felt light off the chest. My triceps gave out on the second rep. Weirdly enough, the extra work I have been doing with the SlingShot has somehow made me stronger at the bottom of the movement, but done little to improve the lockout part (where I expected the opposite to be the case). When pressing the bar from the bottom position, I felt like I could do at least 3 reps, but the arms were not on board.

More repetitions are necessary, so I'll start adding some high-rep work with the SS on volume days too, a couple of close-grip sets with 315 striving to hit 2 x 10 (after my regular volume sets). I'll also dial the weight for the triples back to 325 lbs. and work up from there. I think I can have 380-385 (un-supported) by the end of the year, I have never felt this strong and explosive off the chest, it's just a question of bringing the triceps up to speed.

Bench press with SlingShot 365x2, 375x1 (375 is 5 lbs. over my all-time 'raw' best)

Seated long pulley row 5 sets x 6 - found a pair of U-shaped handles, they give me 3-4 inches of extra ROM on the pull, so I used lower weight and pauses and really burned the hell out of the upper back

Standing push press 220 lbs. x 4 sets x 2 - this time easy, move up to 225 next week

Neutral-grip pullups 5x5

Seated DB curls 5 sets x 10, 1 set x 8

Barbell skullcrushers 3 x 8

EZ-bar curls 2 x 10, light

Pushdowns 3 x 12, light

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