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Monday, February 2, 2015

Beast Mode... Not

I haven't stopped training completely while trying to see what happens with my back. There was intense pain for 2 days, then almost nothing for another two days, then some of the pain returned. But now it no longer feels like I have splinters in my spine, more like an extreme case of DOMS. So I'm not completely discounting a visit to the doctor and an MRI.

In the meantime I am getting some training done, mostly bench press and light machine work for the legs. Will probably update once per week.

30 January 2015

I did a bunch of Smith machine presses - flat, incline, overhead - at the gym at work. Also some biceps exercises (preacher bench). I never understood why people claim that Smith machine bench pressing is easier than barbell pressing, I always have to use far less weight on the Smith.

31 January 2015

Abductor machine 3s x 12-15

Adductor machine 3s x 12-15

Box squats - with bar, close stance 15 reps, wide stance 1 reps, 65 lbs. wide stance 15 reps

These don't seem to hurt my back. I'll keep doing them (light) to retain some squat range of motion.

Leg press 3 sets x 10 with extended negatives - used 3 plates, as this exercise did seem to bother my back a little

Hack squat 4s x 8-10 - again, extended negatives

Leg extension 3s x 10 - all extended negatives

Leg curl 3s x 8 - all extended negatives

Chest-supported row 4s x 8-10

1 February 2015

Bench press 300 lbs. 3s x 6, SlingShot 320 lbs. x 5

Pressing is pretty hard with no leg drive.

Lat pulldown 5s x 6 - went kinda heavy on these

Cable pec fly 5s x 8

DB skullcrushers 5s x 8-10

Shoulder machine press 5s x 8 - didn't want to risk doing standing presses

Concentration curl 6s x 6

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