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Monday, July 20, 2015

Kneedful Things

19 July 2015

High-bar squat 135x5, 185x4, 245x5, 275x3, 305 (1+) x 9 reps

Joker sets 320x2, 340x2

Forgot how much I like joker sets of high-bar squats.

Mid-shin pull 380 lbs. x 10 singles, 60 seconds rest

Forgot how much I hate pulls after joker sets of squats.

Leg press 50 total reps

This was terribly hard as usual, but a bit easier than last time. Will add a pair of 25s next time I do this.

Right knee was giving me trouble again. Since I don't want to be smart and rest it, I should remember to wrap my knees and foam roll more. Will be taking a few days off this week and the next, maybe the pain clears up.


SomeCowBoyGuy said...

Resting is the hardest part of lifting.

MichiganMethod said...

Do you think it was the squats or the pulls that were messing with your knee?

Fatman said...

I think I jacked the knee up during the three weeks when I did pulls before squats (in order to pull heavier).

My form was all over the place because 2 out of the 3 muscle groups involved in squatting (glutes, low back, legs) were already useless at this point. So I basically eked out ugly reps with anything over 225 pounds, and I probably placed some undue strain on my knees.

But low bar squats and pulls do not hurt, so maybe I should just back off high-bars for a while? I don't know, I'm kind of hoping it'll just go away on its own, as pain usually does.