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Monday, November 23, 2015

Even More Pressing

16 November 2015

Bench press up to 305 lbs. x 4, then 285 lbs. 2s x 4

Pulldowns 30 total reps

Standing BTN press 115x5, 135x4, 150x5, 155x5

EZ bar curl 30 total reps

17 November 2015

Floor press 255x3, 275x2, 295x2, 315x2, 325x1, 255x3

Chest-supported row 30 total reps

Leg curl 4s x 8

19 November 2015

SlingShot bench press (Reactive) 335 lbs. x 2, 350 lbs. x 4, 335 lbs. x 3

Way too heavy on the last two sets. Should have used 345 and 325 and gotten two back-off sets of 4. Also left shoulder felt a bit icky.

Standing BTN press 135 lbs. 3s x 6

DB curl 4s x 10

Pushdowns 3s x AMAP

22 November 2015

Only got to do the squat portion of the workout, as we had people visiting.

Squat 335x2, 265x2, 385 lbs. x 3s x 3, high bar 315x5


MichiganMethod said...

Do you have some special tall bench for chest supported rows? I've been thinking about doing them but the gym doesn't have tall enough benches.

I like the holidays, but it makes keeping a workout schedule difficult sometimes. I have to work on Thanksgiving, so my Mom is making this big breakfast on Friday morning for our family. I can't really say "Well Mom I'd love to go, but Friday is my 1+ OHP day and I've been working out all month in anticipation of it."

Fatman said...

The chest supported rows are done on a HammerStrength machine. I used to construct a Chinese row setup with a regular bench and boxes, but gave it up due to the level of effort necessary.

An incline bench and DBs can be an acceptable substitute.

OH is easy to work into your day, you can get up early and get some pressing in before the TG breakfast. Years ago when I worked at a place wth a gym, I would get in 30 minutes early and OHP/shower before work. Other lifts, not so much.