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Saturday, August 6, 2016


31 July 2016

Didn't get much sleep this weekend, so everything felt off. Also I kept flaring my elbows too much on the bench press, not sure why as I usually have the tendency to over-tuck.

Bench press 340 lbs. x 2, 320 lbs. x 2, 315 lbs. x 2

Paused bench press 300 lbs. x 2, 285 lbs. x 3, 285 lbs. x 2

Close-grip bench press 3s x 5

Pulldowns 5x5

Standing BTN press 135 lbs. x 5, 155 lbs. 2s x 5

EZ bar curls 5x5

2 August 2016

Pull 455 lbs. x 3, 435 lbs. x 3, 430 lbs. x 2

Stiff-legged pull 315 lbs. 2s x 5

Bent-over row 3s x 5

Pullups/chinups 4s x 8

Seated leg curl 4s x 8-10

Haven't done pullups in forever. They felt very easy, but my bad elbow hurt a bit afterwards. The smart thing to do would be to keep avoiding pullups, especially since I have now proven that I can maintain my pullup numbers (whatever those are good for) without actually doing the exercise. What will actually probably happen is I'll start doing pullups every workout and totally screw up my elbow recovery.

3 August 2016

SlingShot bench press 380 lbs. x 2, 355 lbs. 2s x 3

Goal was 380x3. This is my current raw 1RM, and should be very doable for a SlingShot triple. I felt a bit sore and tired today, so two reps is not bad. Let's see how the heavy double goes next week.

Close-grip bench press 2s x 5

Seated cable rows 5x5

Incline bench press 5x5

EZ bar curls 4s x 8

Tricep cable extensions 12-10-8-8

Bodyweight today was just over 210 lbs.

5 August 2016

Squat 425 lbs. x 2, 445 lbs x 2, 465 lbs. x 2

Close-stance squat 315 lbs. x 5, x 3

Belt and knee wraps were used. I walked 465 out of the rack once, felt wobbly and close to passing out, racked it back. Waited a few minutes, then went under the bar again and squatted it no problem. Not sure what happened there, but I had been feeling pretty tired all day.

Leg extensions 3s x 8

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