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Monday, August 30, 2021

Cycle Gainz

First cycle of my regular program is now complete. I did four weeks of heavy volume and one intensity week, where I reduce the volume and work up to a few singles on the big lifts. So far so good. Here are some highlights (obviously not all from the same workout):

Squat: 405 lbs. x 5, 475 lbs. x 3, 500 lbs. x 1, 505 lbs. x 1

Bench press: 265 lbs. x 11, 315 lbs. x 6, 335 lbs. x 1, 355 lbs. x 1, 365 lbs. x fail

Close-grip bench press: 315 lbs. x 1, 325 lbs. x 1

Overhead press: 165 lbs. x 9, 185 lbs. x 3, 200 lbs. x 1, 210 lbs. x 1

Deadlift: 465 lbs. x 3, 475 lbs. x 2, 500 lbs. x 1, 510 lbs. x 1

I'm very happy with the 500+ squat and pull, and have regained some lost ground on the bench press too. Feels good to be repping 3 plates again. Overhead press is still lagging, but progressing nicely.

Here is a list of isometronic exercises I've used in the same period. Isometronic = short-range exercise between two sets of pins, with an all-out isometric exertion against top pins on the final rep. When I can complete the six reps and isometric push easily, I increase the weight a bit. As my gym doesn't have a power rack with two sets of pins, I'm doing these in the Smith machine instead:

Standing press - start

Standing press - middle

Standing press - top

Bench press - start

Bench press - close-grip lockout

Front squat - start

Front squat - middle

I haven't found good isometronic exercises for back squats or deadlifts, but I do plain old isometrics at home using straps and a metal bar. Also isometrics for bentover rows, good mornings, hip thrusts, and a few other assistance exercises.

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