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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5/3/1 Program - Week 35, Day 2

28 April 2010


Warmup 2 sets
150 lbs x 5
170 lbs x 5
190 lbs x 9 (satisfied)

Right shoulder has been tweaked for a while, I don't think the benching and overhead pressing is helping things but it's not bad enough for me to stop. Yet.

I also think I am getting close to my limit in the C&P. This cycle will end at 215 lbs., which I hope to get, then the next target is 220. This is a considerable increase over my all-time best (especially done for reps) and I might have to back-track within the next cycle or two. We shall see.

Later in the day:

Back press GYG x 10 reps (another big PR, knocking on the door of the triple greens)

One-arm overhead press YGY x 10 reps each arm

Archer pull OOO x 5, ORO x 5

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