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Friday, February 11, 2011

New 5/3/1 Program - Week 5, Day 4

11 February 2011

Torn calluses on right hand made deadlifting very painful, I got a few reps in and cut the set short. The hand needs to recover, so I will be skipping all grip-intensive non-essential lifting this weekend and the following week (no kettlebells tomorrow).


Warmup 2 sets
275 lbs x 3
315 lbs x 3
355 lbs x 7 reps

Did some extra accesory work to make up for the lack of deadlifting:

Prone hamstring curl 5 sets x 10

Back raise 1 set unweighted, 4 sets weighted x 10

Hanging leg raise 3 sets 6-8 reps

Energy was okay, unlike the rest of the week I felt pretty good.

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