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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Syd Devis Strandpulling Course No. 3 - Week 2

12 February 2011

One-arm FCP, anyhow - resistance used: three orange cables (OOO)
One-arm upward push, anyhow - two greens and a yellow (GYG)
Two-arms FCP, anyhow - two yellows and an orange (YOY)
Two-arms back press, anyhow - GOG
Dislocation, anyhow - double oranges
Overhead downward pull, knuckles out (substituted for press behind neck) - YRY
Two-arms upward front chest pull, legs apart - double reds
One-arm military press - triple reds

All done for six good, consecutive reps.

Asistance exercise - bicep curl (ROR) x 5 reps per arm

No KB swinging as I'm trying to heal my calluses.

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