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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Into the New Year - Cables and Foam Rolling

1 January 2013

Ushered in the New Year with some cable pulls and foam rolling. Cable pulls were done with the Hook - overhead downward pulls were also supplemented with Lifeline cables for a greater range of motion.

Front chest pull 3 sets x 12

Overhead downward pull 3 x 12, at the end of each set 1 x 5-6 with two Lifeline green cables

Straight-arm front pulldown 3 x 12

Neck press 3 x 12

Back tricep pressout 2 x 12

Bicep curl, two-handed 4 x 12-15

Front lateral raise 2 x 12

Back lateral raise 2 x 12

Foam rolling for lower back, thighs and piriformis.

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