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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Upper Body - Heavy Day

25 May 2013

Bench press warmup to 275x2 long pause, then 305x2, 315x2, 335x2

Bench press with SlingShot 335x4

Seated low pulley row 6 sets x 6

Push press 225 lbs x 2, x2, x1 - suck at push pressing, on the third set I totally missed the dip and ended up pressing the weight up without the "push". No wonder my best strict press and my best push press are about the same.

Chinups 3s x 5

EZ bar curls x10, x8, x5, x5

DB skullcrushers 3 x 10

Seated DB curls 3s x 10

Rope pushdowns 3s x 10

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