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Friday, November 14, 2014

Heavy Bench Press Woes

13 November 2014

The pain in my right wrist seems to have migrated up my forearm and elbow and into the top of my shoulder. Pressing today didn't totally suck, but wasn't great either. Hopefully it'll clear by next week, when I'm planning to work up to a heavy triple.

Bench press 135x6, 185x4, 225x2, 275x2, 315x1, 335 lbs. x3, x2, x3, SlingShot 360 lbs. x 3

Pain is in top of right shoulder. I've been trying to find the trigger point but it doesn't seems to be where the pain's at, most likely in my right subscapular muscle and/or lower trap.

Push press up to 205x1, then it looked like a good idea to stop.

Chest-supported row 3s x 8 (incline bench)

Hammer curl + reverse EZ bar curl 3 sets

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