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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Back Pain PR

So my back/glute pain is coming and going, but overall it hurts way less than last week, which I guess is a PR. Also now it feels more muscular, i.e. not like ground glass in my spine but more like an extreme case of muscle soreness. Could be the muscles tightening up due to the injury. I've also been doing a morning mobility circuit and foam rolling a bit, which I feel has helped.

I'll try some light squats next week. It's now been almost 3 weeks since my back injury, and I'm planning to wait up to six weeks for it to resolve itself. If it doesn't, off to the doctor for an MRI, I guess.

10 February 2015

Bench press 320 lbs. x 5 singles, w. SlingShot 340x3
Back-off sets 290 lbs. 2s x 3, 260 lbs. 2s x 5

Seated cable row 1 set warmup, then 4s x 6 heavy

Seated DB press 4s x 6

Preacher curl 6s x 6

Dips 2s x 10

11 February 2015

Leg extension 4s x 10

Leg curl 3s x 8-10

Split squat 4s x 6-8 with progressively heavier DBs

Glute-ham raise 4s x 6

Hack squat 3s x 10

20 minutes cycling

12 February 2015

Bench press 235 lbs. 4s x 5

Pulldowns 4s x 6

Cable fly 3s x 8

DB tricep extensions 3s x 10-12

DB concentration curl 5s x 6

20 minutes cycling

13 February 2015

Split squat 4s x 6-8

Glute-ham raise 4s x 6

Hack squat 3s x 8-10

Leg curl 3s x 10

Machine squat (Freemotion) 2s x 8, 1s x 20

20 minutes cycling

14 February 2015

Bench press 285 lbs. 5s x 3

Neutral-grip pullups 5x5

Seated front press 135 lbs. 1s x 6, 145 lbs. 3s x 6

Pushdowns 3s x 10

Incline DB curl 3s x AMAP

15 minutes cycling


Unknown said...

Hope the back is feeling better. Nice job on the seated press.

Fatman said...

Thanks man, it's still a struggle but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.