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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

High Bar Squat and Pulls

8 June 2015

High bar squat 135x5, 230x5, 265x3, 295 (1+) x 9

Forgot to set the safety pins in the rack, so didn't go for #10.

Joker sets 315x2, 335x2

Could have kept going, but wanted to save some energy for the pulls.

Mid-shin pull 455 lbs. x 5 singles

These were unusually hard. I failed twice, so 7 attempts in total. Upper back was sore and cramping (not sure why - maybe the bench press and rows yesterday) and I could not engage my lats and traps properly to finish the lift. It's also the first time I've failed a pulling-type lift due to upper back soreness. Maybe I should switch around my cable rows and pulldowns/pullups so I'm not doing any upper back work before the heavy pulls day.

Hack squat 30 total reps - went heavier than last time and did fewer reps

20 mins cycling.

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