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Thursday, July 2, 2015


1 July 2015

Bench press 275x5, w. SlingShot 315x3, 345 (1+) x 4 reps

Joker sets 355 x 2 x 2

This week my raw and SlingShot bench press were roughly the same. Still can't seem to be able to find my SlingShot pressing form. Not that I'm complaining, since my raw bench press seems to be going well, but it is pretty strange.

Pullups 50 total reps

Standing front press 135x3, 165x2, 185x2, 195x2

DB hammer curls, with and without FatGripz x 50 reps total

DB tricep extensions 4s x 12

I'm thinking about ditching the overhead press day. All it does is interfere with shoulder and triceps recovery and leads to piss-poor SlingShot pressing later in the week. On SS bench press day, my shoulders feel like they've been beaten up with baseball bats. Maybe I'll just do OH presses for 5-6 singles twice a week after bench pressing, so I get more recovery time between pressing days.


Ruin Christmas said...

Is your front press a military, or are you push pressin it?

Fatman said...

I lean back when starting the press, so kinda like an Olympic press? No leg kick doe.

My push press is only marginally better than my non-push press, so I don't bother with it.

Ruin Christmas said...

I was just wondering cause your pressing is really good. Unless you're leading back so far that you're like one of those soviet guys. I sometimes on my heaviest sets give it a little oomph to spare my shoulders but otherwise try to keep things military. I agree that you should quit pressing to allow me to try and overtake you.

MichiganMethod said...

Screw it, man. Devote more energy to your bench if you want. You're already OHPing 10 lbs over bodyweight.

Fatman said...

I have tried to maximize the back lean while pressing and it just doesn't work for me. To be good at that I'd need to be way more flexible, or fatter. The former is not really achievable, the latter is, but it's not part of the plan right now.

The start of the press is not a problem, it's pressing it past eye level that's difficult. So my press and my push press stall in about the same position.

"Devote more energy to your bench if you want."

I hear ya, but I have told myself this exact same thing 2 or 3 times before, each time getting to roughly about the same weight in the press and then abandoning it completely. Dunno, I don't have any real goals when it comes to the press, but I'd like to keep it in the mix. Maybe I'll just go lighter, do more lighter singles or something.