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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bench and Kurlz

Update for 14 and 15 October 2015:

So the bench press specialization routine I settled on is a 9-week program where you rotate different pressing exercises, rep ranges and intensities.Since I'll only be squatting and pulling once a week, I needed something to fill up the remaining 3 days, and thought this fits the bill nicely. You start out with one main pressing exercise and 4-5 supplemental ones, then gradually eliminate them until you're only doing the main one in week 9.

I have no illusions about setting new PRs and have pretty much written this year off training-wise. Hopefully I'll learn something new from this experiment and stay motivated - I've been struggling with gym motivation since my back/hip injury.

Day one:

Smith machine floor press - up to a heavy set of 4

Seated cable row 5s x 6

Leg curl 4s x 8

Day two:

SlingShot bench press 300 lbs. x 5, 330 lbs. x 6 - used reactive SS, so this was pretty heavy

Standing BTN press 135 lbs. 3s x 6

DB curl 30 total reps

Pushdowns 3s x AMAP

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