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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hateful Eight and Some Benching

18 January 2016

Went to see Hateful Eight. Great movie, but they could have cut out at least 45 minutes of it and it would have been just as great. Tarantino's movies are either terrific or awful IMO, and this one was definitely terrific.

Bench press 295 lbs. x 5, 280 lbs. 2s x 5

Paused bench press 265 lbs. x 5, 245 lbs. 2s x 5

Pulldowns 4s x 8

Standing BTN press 4s x 8

Barbell curl 4s x 8


Anonymous said...

I loved the hateful eight. the atmosphere was great, imho. don't agree about the last 45 minutes, but hey, it would make a great movie without those as well.

Fatman said...

I didn't mean the last 45 minutes, just 45 minutes from the total run time. Maybe somewhere around the 1 hour mark. Agreed that the last 45 minutes were great.