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Friday, May 6, 2016

Good Week

5 May 2016

Squats 470 lbs. x 2, 445 lbs. x 2, 425 lbs. 2s x 2

Used belt and wraps on all working sets. Squats felt good, if I were into maxing out I'd probably give LOL5pleat a shot right about now. Getting back up there, (very) slowly but (not quite) steadily.

Leg press 2s x 20

That was it.

6 May 2016

SlingShot bench press 370 lbs. 2s x 3, 350 lbs. 2s x 3

Top set felt so easy I decided to repeat it. Now I'm kicking myself for not going with 375. Presses with 350 were really easy.

Seated cable row 4s x 8

Incline bench press 4s x 5

Dips 3s x 10

Cable fly 3s x 8-10

Superset incline bench curl + seated DB curl +concentration curl x 3

DB tricep extensions 3s x AMAP

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