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Sunday, November 6, 2016


30 October 2016

Bench press 290x5, 300x4, 310x3, 315x2, 325x1, 340x1, 350x1

Good pressing session today. I went for a second rep with 350 and my spotter touched the bar on the way up. Think I had it anyway, but I won't count it. It's really encouraging, as I don't think I've ever pressed 350 twice (best double ever was 340 or 345).

Close-grip press 2s x 5-6

Close-grip pulldowns 10-8-6-6-4

Somehow I've gotten much stronger on these. I used to do them from time to time and could never match my regular pulldown weights, but today I exceeded them pretty easily.

Preacher curl superset dumbbells + barbell x 3 sets

Standing BTN press 135x5, 155x4, 165x3, 175x2, 180x1

Tricep superset overhead cable extension + pushdown x 3 sets

31 October 2016

Pull 390x5, 410x4, 420x3, 445x2, 455x1, 465x1, 485x1

Bent-over rows 3s x 5

Wide-stance leg press x20, x20, x15

2 November 2016

Warmed up with paused wide grip bench press to 315x2, then:

SlingShot bench press 335x5, 345x4, 355x3, 365x2, 380x1

Close-grip 2s x 4-6

Seated long cable rows 4s x 8

Preacher curl superset DBs + reverse curl x 3 sets

4 November 2016

Squat 365x5, 405x4, 425x3, 445x2, 455x2, 465x1, 475x1

Leg press, close stance 2s x 20, 1s x 15

Leg extensions x20, x12

6 November 2016

Bench press 295x5, 305x3, 315x3, 320x2, 330x1, 345x1, 360x1

Missed the groove on the 305 set so didn't manage the required 4 reps. Otherwise the workout was a bit sluggish, but strong.

Close grip bench x4, x6

Pulldowns, regular grip, 10-8-6-5-5

Standing BTN press 140x5, 160x4, 170x3, 180x1

Preacher curl combo x 4 sets

Dips 2s x 10


Anonymous said...

Fatman good to see you training hard to this day. Have you still got moderator powers at bwc?
- An old acquaintance

Fatman said...

No, I think they shut down that forum, or moved it somewhere else, or something. Either way, I haven't logged on in probably 5-6 years. Dave from BWC now has his own forum and a few old BWC posters are still active there.

Anonymous said...

nah it's still up cause i can read my posts.. and I wanna know how i can delete them or my account...

Anonymous said...

of course i contacted the admin but they don't answer, since you were a mod I thought you might know. I had to track you down you see, somehow i remembered your blog name from half a decade ago.

Fatman said...

If the admin's not responding, I have no idea how you'd remove your posts. I never had the authority to remove or edit people's posts anyway.

Anonymous said...

thanks anyways fatman, sorry to hijack your training log.

Unknown said...

I was excited when I saw six comments. I am now disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Whats bwc. Bureau workers comp. Big white cock. Because we can/care. Black witch coven. So many hilarious options.