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Friday, November 3, 2017

Westside Experiment

30 October 2017

Deadlift 405x5, 415x4, 440x3, 465x3, 440x3

Third day lifting in a row, and I managed to hit my weight goals, but was definitely starting to feel creaky (piriformis pain, twitches around my left knee). Very happy about hitting three successful workouts in a row, though. Left knee has been bothering me since I went on a scrambling hike in September. I've been working on it with a foam roller, but I'm pretty inconsistent with that thing.

Bent-over row 2s x 5

Squat, light 3s x 5

Paused shrug x 20, x 15

1 November 2017

SlighShot bench press 335x5, 345x4, 365x3, 345x3, 325x3

Weak again on the geared bench press, but at least I picked the right weight for the top set and made all three reps. As long as I keep hitting my raw bench press goals, I don't really care how much I can lift with the SlingShot, so this is fine.

T-bar rows 2s x 10

Chest-supported rows 2s x 8

Standing BTN press 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 165x5, 145x5

Push press 155x3, 185x3, 210x3

Haven't tried a push press in years. 210x3 felt a lot harder than I remember.

Barbell curl 2s x 10, 2s x 8

Preacher curl + spider curl superset x 3 sets

Pushdowns (regular + reverse grip) x 3 sets

3 November 2017

Paused squat 325x5, 345x5, 375x3, 390x3

Squat 405x5, 425x5, 445x3, 470x3, 445x2

Squats didn't feel very strong today and I had doubts about making the top set. But I went for it and it was good.

Reverse band bench press 265x5, 285x5, 300x5

Tried this for a change and some added press volume. Not really sure how I feel about it. 300x5 with reverse bands felt pretty much like 300x5 without reverse bands. Conclusion: I probably set the bands up wrong.


MichiganMethod said...

Nice 470 for a triple.

So how do you feel about your goals and having to take weeks off at a time? Do you feel like you're maintaining strength over that time period? Are you doing any form of training (bodyweight, hotel gym) while your away?

Fatman said...

I've accepted that I won't be hitting any goals this year, and probably the next. My only goal right now is to maintain some strength until I have time to train regularly. It hasn't been that bad so far - I'll lose maybe 10-20 lbs. off a lift, but I gain it back after a workout or two. So I'm not making progress, but I'm not losing all my gainz either.

I do a lot of bodyweight and cable training (rubber cables with handles) while I'm away. If there's a hotel gym, I'l mix in whatever they have. Usually it's shitty dumbbells that go up to maybe 50 lbs. and a leg extension machine, sometimes they have a bench. Upper body maintenance is easy, but squat / deadlift are always a concern.