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Friday, October 5, 2012

Training - Deadlift (PR)

4 October 2012

Today I broke a two-year-old deadlift personal record to finish a strong week in which I also set a PR in the squat (and probably a rep record in the bench press - never done a set of 6 with 295 lbs. before, let alone two sets in the same session). Feels good to break out of what seemed like an eternal rut with the pull.


135x10 - 225x5 - 320x2 - 370x1 (all double overhand) - 415x1 - 430x1 - 460x1 (PR)

Of course I got greedy and went after 475 lbs., which stalled halfway up.

Back-off 285 lbs. x 2 sets x 5

HammerStrength shrugs 5 sets

Glute-ham raises 2 sets x 8

Weighted abs x 5 sets

Face pulls 3 sets x 20

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