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Friday, February 22, 2013

Training - Legs

21 February 2013

Warmup leg ext. 2 x 10, adductor machine 1 x 10

Paused squat 135x5 - 185x5 - 225x5 - 245x5 - 265x5

High-bar close-stance squat 315x5, 365x10

Leg press 5p x 10, 6p x 10, 7p x 10

Weighted incline ab board situps 2 sets, unweighted 1 set

Leg extension, heavy 3 sets x 12

Abductor and adductor machines x 1 AMAP set


Dave.cyco said...

Ever tried a set like this?

By the way, I know Cheesedog, Journeyman, Itlives, Cvasquez (now known as Inca Warrior), GreekPT, Amit_Shah and others would be thrilled if you were to make an appearance at our new home. Just click on the link in my name and come say hi. :)

Fatman said...

Aw, what happened to the old forum?