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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Date Announced For World Powerlifting Championships of Powerlifting

Lately I have been toying with the idea of doing a mock-meet toward the end of the year. Run a peaking cycle for 2-3 months, weigh myself, then hit the gym and test my maxes in the three powerlifts, all on the same day. There are meets in my area once in a blue moon, but they generally involve a couple hours of driving, each way, and fees to enter and lift against one or two competitors, depending on the weight class. Essentially one could be outlifted by 400 pounds, finish last and still snag second place - much more rewarding to lift alone, dominate the competition and win gold :) So today I was trolling the interwebz as usual and came up with the following idea:

Date: Will coincide with the IPF World Championships, 9 November 2013 (Saturday)
Weigh-in: Saturday morning to be extra fair - there is only one weight category (Fat), so no 24-hour weigh-in nonsense
Sequence of lifts: squat - bench press - deadlift (- maybe overhead strict press)
Gear: belt will be allowed, and knee wraps (because I have some), perhaps the SlingShot for a fourth attempt at the bench press
All attempts will be filmed and televised via YouTube and HaaRHT Prime

Should be an interesting little test. I will run the modified Texas Method for a few more months and switch to something more volume-based closer to November. I'm thinking Korte 3x3 or a "light" version of Sheiko. If this turns out to be fun, I'll make it an annual event, or do a bench-only "competition" next year.

BRB acting like Cartman in Eric's Tea Party.

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