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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Delays

25 January 2016

Missed a few training days as the gym was closed due to snow. It opened today and I made it over around lunchtime, remembering Lyfta's experience with the snow and walking very carefully.

Squat 380 lbs. x 5, 355 lbs. 3s x 5

Close-grip bench press 5x5

Leg extensions 3s x AMAP

Sumo deadlifts 3s x 5

Abduction machine 2s x AMAP

Adduction machine 2s x AMAP

Leg raises 3s x 15


michiganmethod said...

The Swede has me paranoid about all ice as well. I've tweaked my back a couple of times in the past by slipping and managing to not fall.

How much snow did you end up getting?

Fatman said...

Maybe around 22 inches? Not that much really, but even a couple inches is usually enough to paralyze this area because roads get cleared erratically and people have to shovel their own sidewalks (i.e. no one actually does it).

I once did a full pistol squat by slipping and managing not to fall (only pistol squat I've ever done). Srs.