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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spotter Check

21 March 2016

Bench press 330 lbs. x 2, 310 lbs. 2x2

Paused bench press 285 lbs. x 3, 265 lbs. x 3

On my heavy sets I usually get a spotter, but tell them not to touch the bar unless it starts coming back down. It works really well and I haven't had issues unracking the bar at all. This time (for some unknown reason) I asked for a hand-off, with almost disastrous consequences. The spotter kept pushing the bar toward my feet and I kept fighting him back for a good ten seconds or so. By the time I actually stabilized the bar to lower it and press, I was completely out of the groove and had let out all my air twice (to ask the guy to stop pushing on the bar). The second rep was a struggle.

Note to self: yes to spotters, no to help with unracking the bar.

Pulldowns 5x5

Concentration curl 4s x 8

Pushdowns 4 sets x AMAP

22 March 2016

Pull 440 lbs. x 3, 420 lbs. 2s x 3

Bent-over row 5x5

Seated two-DB press 4s x 5 - because I skipped OH pressing yesterday.

Leg curl 4s x 8

Ab exercises 3 sets

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