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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Low Bar Squatmourning

11 June 2015

Squat 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 335x5, 365x3, 390 (1+) x 8

Might have been able to do one more, but I was severely out of breath at this point.

Joker sets 410 x 2, 430 x 2 - last set was definitely heavy. Belt and wraps from 390 upwards.

Mid-shin pull 405 lbs. x 6 singles - surprisingly easy after Monday's torture. Didn't even use a belt.

Bent-over rows 2s x 5

Glute-ham raise 20 total reps

Shrugs on shrug machine 30 total reps

Sweated through 2 T-shirts at the gym and a third on the way home. Might be a PR. Good times.


Anonymous said...

good job!

Fatman said...

Thanks, and I will be glad once the weight moves up into a more "serious" range, i.e. when I'm only doing 2-3 reps in my "1+" week. I've never puked from squatting, but I was pretty close to it after that rep-out set.

Unknown said...

390*8 is no joke man. Nice. Go ahead and puke.